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JTM VINTAGE. It is your one-of-a-kind design, "Get Inspired"
  We hope our offerings speak to your own lifestyle and goals, and invite you to share this journey with us. We are here to help fuel your ambitions, dreams and  inspiration's by manufacturing custom branded and personalized products. Our state of the art equipment allow us to provide the highest quality services available in the world. 
We Believe you should Always pursue your ambitions, Live the Life You Dream, Sometimes we need a little inspiration to light the way, We started JTM VINTAGE to keep your daily light shining! Remember you CAN do it, stay persistent and your dreams will come true. "Get Inspired"
 Here because of YOU. Our founder Joe came from rock bottom times in his younger years after being briefly homeless in elementary school, decades of trial and error his HAPPINESS shines bright thru his family, successes and life. Since the age of five, while selling water tattoos for 5 cents at the bus stop and pulling toy wagons for door to door sales. Obtaining his first full time job at the age of 8 repairing watches at a jewelry shop. He always had a burning desire to create something that would truly Inspire others to chase their dreams and find the honest HAPPINESS in life. After many many failures and a few successes over the decades we are humbled and honored to be here for you.
  The JTM VINTAGE Dapper lightbulb logo reminds us to succeed, We must be persistent in our effort around our ambitions. Together the logo is powerful inspiration on your road to success, but Persistence is the vehicle that will get you there. Look at our Brand and products as a reminder to keep your ambitions shinning and inspire others.  
We’re building a grass-roots, rock-solid base of customers and loyal supporters, not only because we make high quality products that they want, but we also work really hard to provide world-class customer service and take care of our customers in many ways that bigger companies can’t.
  As a family we LOVE to travel and always try to experience new things. BIG Disney fans. We live in a little castle(Kind of) we built from an old railroad station building, Our Wedding is on NETFLIX (Say I DO, Ep.#5),  Kerry and I met when we were 5 years old in kindergarten! Now we get to do what we love and help businesses grow with branded products and create lasting memories for those who own by JTM VINTAGE Custom products! 
Thank you all! 
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