Star Wars Imperial army Shuttle - MUG - engraved Insulated Stainless steel

Star Wars Imperial army Shuttle - MUG - engraved Insulated Stainless steel

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Star Wars Imperial army Shuttle - Engraved Insulated Stainless steel Mug

15 oz. Stainless Steel Mugs feature double-wall, vacuum insulation with a clear, slider lid. They are 2X heat and cold resistant compared to other tumblers.18/8 gauge stainless steel.

 Overall Size:
 4 7/8"(L) x 4 7/8"(H)


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History Facts:

The Imperial Army, also known as the Imperial Strike Force, was the ground-based branch of the Galactic Empire's military. As the ultimate evolution of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Imperial Army swiftly asserted dominance throughout the galaxy, making use of highly trained soldiers, mechanized walkers, and overwhelming numbers. The Imperial Army operated in tandem with the forces of the Imperial Navy, relying on the numerous fleets to transport legions of troopers across the far reaches of the galaxy. The most common soldiers of the Empire's ground forces were known as Imperial Army troopers, the core infantry of the army tasked with establishing Imperial regimes and pacifying troublesome worlds. As the Imperials reinforced their grip on the galaxy, these units were gradually phased out in those areas and were replaced by stormtrooper garrisons, elite shock troops fanatically loyal to the Emperor himself.

At the decisive Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, the Imperial Military suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of the Rebel Alliance, and the Imperial Army fragmented as the Empire collapsed into warlordism and infighting, losing ground to the New Republic. The Imperial Army was reunified under the Imperial Remnant and remained after its reconstitution as the Fel Empire, and split once again in 130 ABY during the Second Imperial Civil War between Darth Krayt's Imperial faction and that of Emperor Roan Fel.

The goal of the Imperial Army was surface superiority during instances of ground warfare, and were equipped with the means of seizing and defending a planet. While the Imperial Navy controlled space and the Stormtrooper Corps led assaults and established bridgeheads, only the Imperial Army was capable of deploying the heavy equipment and sustaining the long operations required to gain control of planets. As such, the Army encompassed various infantry, armored cavalry, special forces, artillery operators, engineers, scouts, and drivers that came to number in the tens of trillions. This also meant that while they were capable of decisive planetary operations and sustained surface superiority, it took longer to deploy their specialized formations and heavy equipment than other branches of the Imperial Military