Politique de remboursement

Customized goods are generally not accompanied by guarantees, but JTM VINTAGE is here for you: We deliver high-quality products - products that look just like what you created on our site - and we do so with fast manufacturing and shipping. 

We take pride in our products and quality assurance, every item is inspected by hand prior to packaging. although unlikely if the custom products you receive differ materially from what you created at JTMVINTAGE.COM, or if the goods are otherwise flawed, then you may return the custom goods for a full refund or replace your items at no cost to you, within 15 days of receiving your custom order. All we ask is that you notify customerservice@jtmvintage.com before returning any goods to ensure that your return is handled quickly and accurately. Due to the nature of custom goods, if we find that on packaging inspection the item/s did meet our high standards, JTM VINTAGE reserves the right to approve or deny all request.   We value our customers and communities and will go to great lengths to insure customer your satisfaction and Happiness with our brand.